zaterdag 12 december 2009

Op de leeslijst ~ On the reading table

In hoc signo vinces, Swedish Army Museum
Krijgs en geschiedkundige beschouwingen over Willem den III, W.J. Knoop
Willem de III en de slag bij St-Denis, W.J. Knoop, R. Fruin

Plaatje is van Fruin.


Just recieved In hoc signo vinces, a book on the swedish state trophy collections, with lots of pics of colours, flags and even tents! Many thanks to Mr. Oscar Schuur for collecting the book for me in Stockholm. The first book by Knoop is one of the earliest and best books on William III. The writing style needs some attention and the books could do with notes.

The third book is one of the best books I have read lately, and deals with the question if William III knew of the conclusion of peace in Nijmegen before he attacked the French at St Denis, in a debate between Fruin and Knoop. It also answers the question if the battle was necessary and who won the battle. Fruin (on the picture) is clearly the better scientist and writer, but Knoop has the better arguments. More to follow!

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