donderdag 10 december 2009

Historiografie van Willem III ~ Writings on William III

In het tijdschrift Groniek een uitgebreide beschrijving van literatuur over Willem III, beginnend bij Wagenaar en eindigend bij Carswell. Gemaakt door Murk van der Bijl in 1988, dus Wout Troost, Stadhouder-koning Willem III, Hilversum (Verloren), zit er nog niet bij.


This is not the first time, and certainly not the last time, that the english entry is different from the dutch one.

Above I have made a link to an article in dutch by Murk van der Bijl, in Groniek 1988, which deals with the historiagraphy (so writings on) of William III, up to the year 1988. The article has 230 notes and deals with writings from dutch, french, german and english authors.

I am aware of the fact that Dutch is a smaller language on the world scale, than like english or chinese, but in Europa dutch is not that small at all and while in dutch academic tradition it is quite normal to quote from german or english papers, I am a bit surprised that for this period it doesn't seem to work the other way. It will be no surprise then, that french writers don't speak highly of William (especially the older ones). I would expect that from 18th or 19th century writers but not from late 20th or 21th century ones.

I therefore have great respect for people like Geoffrey Parker (though I totally disagree with him on a number of points) and Dr. John Stapleton. Did Chandler btw spoke any other language BTW?

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