donderdag 16 augustus 2018

Congress on 1672

On September the 22nd in the Royal Dutch Library, The Hague, a congress is held on the year 1672, organised by the Studygroup "The Friends of de Witt". Among the speakers 1672 experts Luc Panhuysen and Judith Brouwer.

Arjan Nobel speaks on French terror on the countryside, and there is a lecture on Romeyn de Hooghe.

(costs around 15 euro's, depending on membership)

donderdag 19 juli 2018

De verdediging van Friesland in 1672 en 1673

This is a great book on the fights in the tree Northern Provinces in 1672 and 1673, available free on great Delpher website. It delas with the Frisian Water Defence line, troop strengths, strategy
and gives a lot of praise to Colonel Aylva.

Click here!

woensdag 18 juli 2018

Franse Schans

It's very warm and dry in the Netherlands now, and in the news in the past days were drone images showing very interesting archeological sites.

It was reported that the French Sconce was visible near Groenlo (or Grolle to the most of you), but it turned out to be that already in 2003 this Sconce was visible from the air. The fortress is from the 1620's and yes there's also an English Sconce near Grolle.

More info on the fortress line around Grolle here


maandag 16 juli 2018

1701 Orders and regulations book

A year 1700 book on orders and regulations for the Army of King William III. March orders, musket fire, clothing, penal stuff and the like. Of interest the musket orders, which seem to be quite old as they imply a matchlock musket.

dinsdag 10 juli 2018

Reenactment wigs

There are some celebrations planned to commemorate the year 1672, and I am busy with a 1672 outfit. Of course you need a wig, and the above one comes from a Chech wig maker. Original wigs are a bit pricey to say the least, and real hair or fur ones are quite expensive.

vrijdag 16 maart 2018


If you haven't been at the Fortress of Bourtange, you have to do with pictures and movies like this one. And yes, it really looks this was, there are several museums, also dealing with 1672 and every year there's a re-enactment of either a 80 years war battle or a Napoleonic one.


vrijdag 2 maart 2018

Captured Flags! "Les Triomphes de Louis le Grand"

On Gallica you can find a copy of the book that describes the various flags that were captured by the French during Louis XIV reign (there is also a Louis XV version).

It doesn't contain a description,of the flags so you have to have either the excellent Robert Hall CD, or the earlier works by Dr Jean Belaubre.

 I can tell you though that the second flag above belogs to regiment Aylva, and was captured at Seneffe.