maandag 25 januari 2016

Fort Dömitz ~ Fortress town of Dömitz

In the north of the Netherlands we are very pleased with the Fortress town of Bourtange, but there is also one of about the same size in Germany in Dömitz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Here is the link to the website!

donderdag 21 januari 2016

Mega game on 1672!!

In February a mega game, a grand strategy conflict simulation game on 1672 will be organised in Nijmegen!

More info CLICK HERE !!

zondag 10 januari 2016

Rijksmuseum visit

Weapons linked with the admirals Tromp snd De Ruyter.

A visit to Amsterdam

Today your editor visited the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and also the Amsterdam (historical) museum. In the latter I found a painting of the failed storming of Aerdenburg in 1672.

 A bit strange to find it in Amsterdam, but interesting nonetheless. Note the mixed piket/musket units for instance!

woensdag 16 december 2015

Nassau Ouwerkerk

As some of you may know, the Dutch Army Museum has moved from Delft to a new big location at Soesterberg, and is now called the National Military Museum. 

A lot of the old collection can be found on-line now, like this drawing by Dutch Military artist Hoynck van Papendrecht, showing Dutch horse guards of the Nassau-Overkerk regiment. Unfortunately it is very difficult to evaluate this picture as we know little of his research, but it's nice anyway.

donderdag 22 oktober 2015

Skelet uit 1672 ~ Remains of 1672?

Skelet opgegraven soldaat eenmalig te zien in Nijmegen


In Nijmegen, the remains of probably a French soldier who died in the siege of the Knotsenburg citadel are shown to the public in one of the archeological depots.

zondag 18 oktober 2015

NIeuw maandblad ~ new magazine

Van Bruno Mugnai kregen wij bericht dat zijn nieuwe tijdschrift over militaria en uniformen uit is en dat het eerste deel gratis is te downloaden! Deze aflevering heeft een artikel over het Venetië aan het einde van de 17e eeuw.



New magazine on military history by the esteemed mr Bruno Mugnai from Italy. First one is free to download!