vrijdag 16 maart 2018


If you haven't been at the Fortress of Bourtange, you have to do with pictures and movies like this one. And yes, it really looks this was, there are several museums, also dealing with 1672 and every year there's a re-enactment of either a 80 years war battle or a Napoleonic one.


vrijdag 2 maart 2018

Captured Flags! "Les Triomphes de Louis le Grand"

On Gallica you can find a copy of the book that describes the various flags that were captured by the French during Louis XIV reign (there is also a Louis XV version).

It doesn't contain a description,of the flags so you have to have either the excellent Robert Hall CD, or the earlier works by Dr Jean Belaubre.

 I can tell you though that the second flag above belogs to regiment Aylva, and was captured at Seneffe.

donderdag 22 februari 2018

Naarden movie

There was a time that dutch national TV had some very mellow programs on history, like this one on the fortress city of Naarden. A lot more of them on youtube. Check for "Ontdek je plekje".

22 februari/February 1672

On this day in 1672, one of the shops/workplace of map maker Johan Blaeu, at the Gravenstraat in Amsterdam, goes up in flames. Fortunately his other shops were saved.

Above a Blaeu map of the city of Groningen, with the 'new' fortifications. The city walls were kept intact until deep in the 19th century, when they were considered obsolete. The walls were torn down, the ditches were filled, and only from abiove you canb see where once the proud walls were standing. The many city gates were demolished, except for one, which is now in the Rijksmuseum collection.

donderdag 31 augustus 2017

Period flags

From the Boxel Manual. also a short description of Regiment Flags, like the one of the (Scottish) Colonel Kirckpatrick: Yellow and Blue, divided in four. It was also possible that "Figures" were placed on the flag, like yellow (pikes or pikemen), green musqueteers or red horsemen.

Also very likely would be a Province Weapon showing the paymaster, in the left upper corner.

Johan Boxel 1672 manual

Well, at last it is available on Google Books, "The Exercise of arms" by Johan Boxel, Capt. Lt of the Colonel's Compagnie of the Holland Guard Regiment, with some nice plates in it, showing  somewhat dated looking musketeers and pikemen. Some of them are already wearing "long" doublets though.

Click on the link!

dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Uniform guide BNF

As some of you may know we are also active on Facebook, which greatly improves the interaction with others interested in this period. I have also noted some real problems with the Blogger format lately.

Anyway, on the facebook page we already posted a link to a book in the BNF on dutch uniforms in 1672. As you can see, "these are copies after originals", but I have never seen the originals, and some of the captions are plain wrong. So handle with care..

THIS is the link to the full manuscript. (Click on the word THIS)