zondag 6 december 2009

Garde te voet ~ Dutch Guards

Het is een beetje lastig zoeken op de site van het Legermuseum omdat niet alle trefwoorden zijn ingevoerd of de vlag de lading niet dekt. Ze zijn er mee bezig gelukkig. Dit is een tekening van een oude plaat van de Garde de voet, uit de collectie de Wilde, ik denk dat in die collectie veel meer te vinden is.


Another plate from the collection of Mr de Wilde, the expert on the uniforms of the States' and Dutch armies. Part of his collection can be found on the website of the dutch army museum.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. If only they were contemporary drawings...

  2. The text on the drawing says it is based on drawings that were in an artillery atlas, which was destroyed in 1944.

    Hoynck van Papendrecht made a copy of it, probably there are more drawings like this.

    It takes a lot of time, but there are more sources for uniforms like newspapers, almanacs, diaries and letters.

  3. Thank you for info about artillery atlas.
    There are many excellent drawings by Hoynck van Papendrecht online, but not early 18th C, unfortunately.
    I agree about more sources, however so far rather limited range of sources is being used.
    Many of de Wilde's drawings are obviously based on Dutch drill manual dated 1730 that can be found in Leger Museum collection (figures in red coats). Others are based on three 1690s(?) b/w figures of Dutch soldiers.
    There is also an illustrated burger militia drill manual 1H 18th C. available in Leger Museum collection.
    Otherwise, no much diversity in available contemporary pictorial sources.
    Still, it would be interesting to find more original depictions, e.g. grenadier, shown by de Wilde and by Knotel.

  4. Check this blog for Hoynck, his painting on the dutch waterdefense line of 1672 is on it. As far as I can deduct, not all of the collection de Wilde is online, nor the ten Raa one.