woensdag 7 april 2010

Seneffe VIII

In verband met een storing bij Ziggo is het internetten de laatste dagen nu niet bepaald erg prettig, zeker als je met grote bestanden moet werken.

Maar goed, nog een kaart van de slag bij Seneffe, wederom uit de collectie van de universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden. Let op de wagentjes en de aanval op de artillerie.

My internet connection has some issues, so uploading large image files isn't a pleasure at all at the moment. But, in between I managed to upload another map of the Seneffe battle of 1674, courtesy and copyright of the University of Leyden. Note the baggage wagons and the attack on the artillery.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice picture !!
    It can be confusing at first to see so many little red and blue squares mixed. The first phase starts in Seneffe (1st village in the center of the picture), then Condé attacks St Nicolas and is stopped at Fayt (on the left).
    The details are very good. One can see the ditch in front of the artillery on the Allied right wing. Whoever was the winner of this battle, the French created a big panic among Allied ranks.
    Thank you for sharing this picture !

  2. The original large pics show a lot of detail, but I'll have copyright issues re-publishing them in full I guess.

    It is very clear that Condé was the better strategist: he caught the Allied troops on the march, but IIRC almost all writers agree that after Seneffe he should have stopped in stead of going for the Allied main force. William can be honoured for keeping the Allied army in one piece and his stalwart defense. None of these battles were actuallly decisive, maybe in a sense that despite being the better army, the French couldn't defeat the Allies strategically.