maandag 26 april 2010

J.W. Wijn ~ Seneffe 1674 ~ I

De historicus J.W. Wijn schreef voor het maandblad 'Ons Leger' bovenstaand artikel, wat ik met toestemming hier reproduceer.

(c) Ver. Ons Leger, bron: Ons Leger, 1952 Vol 36, delen 2-2


Dutch historian J.W. Wijn, (author of part VIII of 'Het Staatsche Leger') wrote the above article for the peridodical of dutch organisation 'Ons Leger' ('Our Army'), in 1952, and I have been granted permission to republish it here.

Wijn is a very thorough historian and a good writer as well.

I won't translate the entire article, but will make a summary of it, unless there's a really great demand for it.

The first pic is a Romeyn de Hooghe print and the second one is drawing of the battle itself by Wijn.

(c) Ons Leger, source 'Ons Leger', 1952, Vol 36, parts 2-3

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