zondag 28 juni 2009

Nieuw Amsterdam ~ New York

Vierhonderd jaar geleden zeilde de WIC naar het Nieuwe Continent, wat weer aanleiding gaf tot de stichting van de stad Nieuw Amsterdam, later New York. Interessant het grote verschil tussen de engelse wiki en de nederlandse.

Four hundred years ago, the dutch west indies company sailed to the new continent, which eventually led to the settlement of Nieuw Amsterdam, later New York. Interesting differences on the dutch and english wiki on the New Netherlands.

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  1. Lovely image. Changed a bit since then I imagine.

  2. Pic is from the Rijksmuseum. More maps are here:


    It would be nice if you could convert the flash file to an image file.

  3. To copy a flash image use the PrSCSYsRq button and then paste it onto an image programme.

  4. Thanks! Unfortunatly most of the pics are in a window, so in the end you get only a small part of it. Any known way to get rid of the window?