woensdag 21 juli 2010

Thomas Venn's Military Handbook 1672

Een fors boek maar compleet boek uit 1672 (!) te vinden op EEBO, voor de beginnende en ervaren legercommandant, met exercities, opstellingen en adviezen over vaandels.


If you don't have access to EEBO, this is one of the reasons you should: a 300 + paged book form the year 1672 on weapons, exercises, how to make camp, which colours to use et. etc, THE handbook for beginning and experienced commander and captains, written by Thomas Venn.

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  1. Hi friend, i just read your comment about to do a translation in english languages for my portuguese war's articles...i know google translation is not good, unfortunately actually i have not time to do this work, the spanish version stoles already me a lot of time...I'm sorry

    Best regards

  2. Ah too bad! Do you know of any french or english books on this subject?

  3. I think it will be difficult because also in Spain and in Prtugal still it is a war that has not been very studied. The best historian of this war is Rafael Valladares but always in spanish language (and sometimes in portuguese), but maybe you can found something in french if you searching for the english troops y that war o abous Schomberr.



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