maandag 1 maart 2010

Slag bij Seneffe II

"The year is 1674, and on the great Escalier des Ambassadeurs, in Versailles, Louis XIV is welcoming the Grand Condé, who has just defeated William of Orange in the battle of Seneffe. This event marked the end of almost fifteen years of exile for the Grand Condé, which had been designed by the king to punish "his cousin" for leading the Fronde against the monarchy. Jean-Léon Gérôme's Réception du Grand Condé par Louis XIV (Versailles, 1674) (Reception of Condé in Versailles) was painted in 1878."

Ach ja, zo kan het ook. Ben nu druk bezig de Ordres de Bataille van beide kanten op te zetten aan de hand van diverse Nederlandse en Franse auteurs. Een bezoek aan diverse onderzoekers moet nog wat meer info geven.


Ah well, it's a sort of nice painting isn't it? I am at present working on the OOB of both sides (States', Imperial and Spanish vs French), have to speak with some people about the battle and the university of Leyden seems to have some prints of the battle as well.

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  1. Hi,

    I would be interested by an OOB of this battle :-)
    At the end of the week, I'll see what I have on the subject that might help you.
    Louis XIV considered it to be a victory. Modern French historians think it is a draw (a bloody draw).

  2. Hi Florent!

    Well, we can discuss for ages if the battle was a victory for one or the other or not. Of course, the States' and William III claimed it as a victory from their side as well. It is acknowlidged from the States' side that the Frech took more colours (as at least two regiments from Holland were destroyed, you can gain about 20 colours) athough a rather cynical dutch writer reports thet the French took them from the dutch baggage train!

    Mr Dan Schorr was kind enough to give me an OOB for the Confederate side and with his permission I will post this very soon. Very interesting (for a lot of reasons) is the role of the Imperial and Spanish troops in this battle. Also I even managed to get some info on the French troops as well.