vrijdag 26 februari 2010

Regimenten Königsmarck en Jorman

Nog twee stukjes uit het Wytlopiger Journaal, over het regiment Königsmarck en het Regiment Jorman. Eindelijk weer een stukje over de uniformen.


Two more quotes from the 'Wytlopiger Journael', of the siege of Groningen in 1672. It states that on the first of July some troops of the Königsmarck IR arrived in Groningen, 'armed with sharp curved axes, which they used in stead of swords'.

The second quote goes like this:

'August 1. Thursday the enemy shot vigorously with glowing bullets, en also they shot grenades from a cannon, one of which hit the horse stable of His Excellency. Later in the afternoon, some more Königsmarck troops arrived, all dressed in blue, who were stationed in tents on the Nieuwe Kerkhof-square. Also that evening the reinforcements as promised by his Highness, the Prince of Orange, arrived, in the form of 14 companies of the Jorman Regiment. They came in 33 ships, easy to be seen by the enemy, and of course that must have been a shock to him. It was quiet the following night.

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