maandag 22 maart 2010

Ramillies 2

Letters to the Editor
Author(s): Ciro Paoletti, Jamel Ostwald, Stanley L. Falk
Source: The Journal of Military History, Vol. 65, No. 2 (Apr., 2001), pp. 593-597
Published by: Society for Military History
(c) Jstor/JMH

(Ciro Paoletti)

(Ciro Paoletti)

(Jamel Ostwald)

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  1. I just start to follow your blog, i'm very intersting in it because is about the time o my blog, the second half of the XVII siecle.

    My blog is about the reign of Charles II of Spain, i hope you can also enjoy also if it's in spanish.


  2. Thank you, very nice artwork and pictures and the text can be translated with google..


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