donderdag 25 februari 2010

De bisschop in de loopgraven ~ The Bishop in the trenches

De tekst spreekt wel voor zich :-) Uit het Wytlopiger journaal, 30 juli 1672, oude tijdrekening.


The Bishop of Munster had been in person in the trenches for several times, and he has been there afterwards as well, sniffing around and correcting errors, as he did not trust anyone. When he went in the trenches, he took about 9 or ten man with him, dressed in the same livery, so that no-one could recognise him. Also no ranks distiction was made, meaning no-one went before the other. When this group arrived everybody had to do his best digging and shooting,and the soldiers rather saw these lackeys behind than before them. One who had been in the (Munster) army told me that the bishop stayed about two hours in the trenches each time, showing how this papist took his matters to hart.

(Taken from the Wytlopiger journaal, 30 juli 1672, old calendar.)

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