zondag 25 oktober 2009

Knoop over Marlborough ~~ Gen. Knoop on Marlborough

Uit: Krijgs- en Geschiedkundige geschriften, Deel 1, p. 344.

Lt. General W.J. Knoop on Marlborough:

"You won't find this in Marlborough. A cold blooded egotist, who used military command as a means to fulfill his greed. An ambitious honourless, who used any means to reach his goals, and who used a royal mistress to elevate himself. A man without character who at first groveled before the Stuarts and who left them in the hour of danger, to worship the rising sun of William III. There's nothing in Marlboroughs character that has any attraction or awe. On the contrary: it causes disgust to anyone with a basic knowledge of human virtue and dignity. Sometimes his name is mentioned in the same line as people like Wellington; a great injustice is done to the victor of Waterloo. Because in every action of Wellington a great sense of honour and duty can be found, almost in a divine sense, of which nothing can be found in Marlborough.

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  1. Was het ook niet zijn vrouw Sarah Churchill (née Jenyns) die hem aanspoorde tot bepaalde -laten we zeggen- bedenkelijke keuzes?


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