zondag 17 mei 2009

Keuzes - Choices

Het blijft moeilijk als wargamer, de keuze voor de juiste figuren en regelset. Ik heb soms wel eens het idee dat ik mewer tijd hieraan besteed dan aan het spelen zelf.

Als ik nu 1672 wil gaan doen, of ietsje eerder of later dan kan ik beginnen met de figuren van Mark Copplestone. Maar die heeft er niet al te veel. Ik kan uitwijken naar Dixon, maar die zijn later, (League of Augsburg) of Parkfield, maar die zijn een beetje simpel of Reiver, en die zijn nogal grof. Sommige figuren van Foundry zijn ook wel leuk maar die moet ik ooit eens bij DaveT's ebay winkel oppikken. Het goede nieuws is dat ook Impetus een Barok variant heeft.

Well, a tough choice for a wargamer choosing the right figs and rules. Sometimes I feel I spend more time choosing things then playing games. If I want to play 1672, I can- and will take the Copplestone figs. Unfortunatly the range is quite small, so I can choose Dixon, (a tad late), Parkfield (a bit simple) or Reiver (a bit crude). Some Foundry figs could do, but I'll try to pick them up at DaveT's shop.

Good news: there's a rule variant for the Baroque era of Impetus.

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  1. Check this link to a thread on the "Fighting Forum" from Barry's Leaugue of Augsberg" site:


    Clibinarium, who designed the Pendraken 10mm AWI range and others, and is about to do a whole new 10mm LoA range for them, and who contributed to Ian Kay's 15mm Irregular LoA range design, has decided to try his hand at a 28mm range. There is a sample officer "green" shown on the thread that is quite good. It may still be a little later than you are looking for, but he may also do some earlier figures.

    He has indicated that he has already cut a deal with a manufacturer to produce the range and is working on it. No dates given yet, but he's already sent the first "dollies" off to be cast so he can begin work in earnest. Quite talented and he knows this period very well.


  2. Thanks Bill, I already signed up to the forum and saw the grey/green which looks excellent. I'll start with a Dixon (Copplestone made) army, too bad there aren't much pics around of them.

  3. I quite agree, from an advertising perspective, Dixon's site leaves a bit to be desired. You can find some excellent pictures of painted Dixon's on some of the sites "we" frequent though. If you look in the galleries on Barry's LoA site, most of the LoA units are Dixon with some Foundry and conversions mixed in


    Also, Angus Konstam's site has several good pic's of painted Dixons, both Marlburian and LoA, both in his demo game shots and in his page on his Williamite Dutch Army



    And finally, when Mark's new range was first released, "Patrick R" on TMP posted some excellent comparison shots of new Copplestone against Dixon, Reaver, Parkfield, Foundry and others, worth checking out.


    Good luck with your project!



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