zondag 16 mei 2010

Werk in uitvoering ~ Work in progress

Tja, ik kan natuurlijk wel eeuwig blijven zoeken naar die ene uniformreferentie en het juiste figuurtje, maar nu wordt het toch wel eens tijd om aan de slag te gaan: boven de Staatsen met als tweede plaatje Regiment Palm in wording. Figuren zijn van Foundry, Dixon en Parkfield.


Well, you can keep on searching for just that uniform info, or just that fig that would fit into your regiment, but now it's really time to start working on my States' Army. First pic shows the infantry and the second pic Regiment Palm. Figs are 25-28 mm high and made mainly by Dixon, with a few Foundry and Parkfield. Basing is for the Impetus rules set.

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  1. Motorway,

    Do you intend using one of the available supplements to "Impetus", like "Basic Baroque" or the new one, "Le Roi Soliel"? I've had a chance to download and review both and they look quite promising. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.


  2. Well, I already have the basic rules and the first supplement and I certainly want to use them. Basing is not an issue as long as both sides have the same sizes and the rules are well written, I have only seen positive reviews but I haven't tried them yet. Maybe I'll base the infantry on 4x4 cm stands to allow for smaller units for skirmish games.


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