zondag 23 mei 2010

Wapenoefening Schutterij ~ Exercise of Arms I

Uit het boek van Hoynck van Papenfrecht en Chris te Lintum, een wapenoefening van de Amsterdamse schutterij, midden 18e eeuw.


From the book by Hoynck van Papendrecht and Chris te Lintum on the militia, some pics of the exercise of arms, early/mid 18th century of the Amsterdam Militia.

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  1. Very nice pics! All 61+28 of them can be found on Leger Museum site.

  2. They are? I'm terrible at finding stuff there lately, do you have a link maybe?

  3. This is link to one of the plates: http://www.collectie.legermuseum.nl/asp/page.asp?alias=strategion&view=strategion&id=i001879&show=detail&priref=121924&collection=mediatheek&q=
    You can find other related to it.

  4. Спасибо!

    There they are! I have seen them before! These are made by Ten Raa, and I have posted the Hoynck van Papendrecht version, and they are derived from a common source.

    Here's one for you:

  5. You are welcome, of course I found it via your blog some time ago.

    Thanks for Tsar's House - have to visit it when I finally come to Holland someday.


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