vrijdag 31 juli 2009

Het geallieerde leger van Willem III ~ William's Confederate Army

Due to the Spanish Netherlands’ strategic importance to both the Dutch Republic and France, the so-called “Cockpit of Europe” attracted immense armies on both sides. France assembled the largest army until the Napoleonic Wars during the Nine Years’ War; and the largest of its field armies was deployed in the Low Countries Theater. For the allies, the burden of the war effort in the Spanish Netherlands fell to England and the Dutch Republic, the wealthiest and militarily strongest of the coalition’s members. The combination of geography, politics, and strategy merged resulting in the greatest of the allies’ armies, the army the army of Stadhouder-Koning William III.

Het proefschrift van John Stapleton, is hier te vinden.


A very interesting dissertation by John Stapleton can be found here.

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  1. About time Osprey did a William III's army to increase the interest in the period.

  2. It is my opinion that people like you and Bill, and Stephane are doing a better job.