maandag 20 september 2010

Maquettes ~ City models

Op de facebookpagina van Mr Yves Roumegoux gevonden, een link naar een artikel over de maquettes van Lodewijk XIV en zijn opvolgers, waarvan er zo'n 100 zijn overgebleven.


Blatantly stolen from mr Yves Roumegoux's facebook page, a link to an article on Louis XIV city models. Read and enjoy.

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  1. I think I saw some of these beauties on a visit to Les Invalides a long time ago but could not stay as long as I wanted because of the other people I was with at the time. Both times.
    Perhaps if Louis XIV made it to heaven, he may also have a wargame setup there, if it is not against the rules, and I will show him that his soldier collection was out of scale with his terrain. Although these are 1:600 I think my 2mm would go nicely with these models.


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