donderdag 2 september 2010

Legerlijst 1691 ~ Army List 1691

De volledige legerlijst van Willem de IIIe zijn leger uit 1691 met uniformbeschrijving. Van de website EEBO. Opvallend de vele witte uniformen van de Staatse Regimenten.

A full armylist of the King William's Confederate Army, plus the description of the uniforms. From the website EEBO. Note the abundance of white uniforms in the dutch regiments.

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  1. Is it safe to assume that these uniform descriptions would be valid for the War of the Spanish Succession 15 years later do you think???

  2. Steve, I don't think so: there was a regulation that every two years the uniforms had to be renewed, and there's even discussion on the meaning of the word uniform.

    There's info on some regiments though. In the 1690's the Frisian Regiments were dressed in blue, and according to the dutch army museum they wore blue also in de WSS.


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