dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Geschiedkundige Atlas

Wat een leuk boekje is dit toch! Een kort en bondig boekwerk over de inval van 1672, grotendeels gebaseerd op Sypesteyn en de Bordes en de plaatjes moest ik er zelf bij zoeken.


A recent aquisition, a booklet called "History Atlas of the Netherlands", about the French Invasion in 1672. It's in dutch, my copy didn't have the maps (but I found some on the internet), but it's quite a good read about the route the French and Munster troops took to the Low Countries and the drastic measures that were taken to stop them, like flooding vast areas of land, calling up the town militia to augment the Army and even calling up conscripts ("the tenth men"). The first was more effective than the last..

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  1. I must add that the book mainly focusses on the Provinces of Holland and Utrecht, but for the other Provinces there are books as well.


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