maandag 4 november 2013

Crisis Antwerpen 2013

Afgelopen zaterdag ging het redactieteam naar de wargames beurs Crisis in Antwerpen, waar we onder meer spraken met Barry Hilton van het League of Augsburg forum en natuurlijk Nick Eyre van North-Star die een fraaie tafel had met daarop zijn collectie 1672 figuren.



Last Saturday the editors went to Antwerp to the Crisis wargames convention of the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. We met a lot of people, saw a lot of nice things, bought some stuff and enjoyed Belgian beer.

We also met Barry Hilton of the League of Augsburg forum and we had a nice chat with Nick Eyre of North-Star, the figure company that brings us the 1672 25/28mm scale figures of the Franco-Dutch wars. The terrible thing was, at the time we left it turned out to be mr Belaubre himnself was in Antwerp, but I missed him. Meh!

Mr Eyre asked me if there was some kind of publication pending about the first Franco-Dutch war, giving some broad information about the belligerents. We know there is no work yet that covers the period in full, maybe "Les Armees" by Belaubre, but that could be a but dated.

Unfortunatly there is no central register or authority about troops, weapons, uniforms and flags in the Netherlands, as there was no central government in the first place!

The sources are scattered around the country and Europe in the Provincial Archives, the National Archive, the Royal Archives, German Archives (there was a lot of quarrel after William III died about his inheritance between the Frisan Nassau's and the related Prussian Royals), French archives..well you get the picture. It takes a lot of time and effort to work out a single detail, so a book won't be out in the near future, but eventually it will.

In the meantime..if you paint your figures blue for the Frisian and Holland Guards, you won't be far off. Red coats, yellow coats, green coats, all of them are possible!

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  1. Worden de Schotten op de onderste foto door de Nederlanders in de rug geschoten, of lijkt dat maar zo?

  2. Uuh, dat lijkt maar zo, North Star heeft nog niet zoveel variatie in de figuren, de marcherende musketiers moeten volgens mij nog genaakt worden.


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