maandag 14 mei 2012

Chateau de Seneffe website

Prachtige nieuwe virtuele tentoonstelling over de Slag bij Seneffe, 11 augustus 1674.

A beautiful new virtual exhibition of the Battle of Seneffe, August 11, 1674.

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  1. The website needs a bit of editing on some places..

  2. The de Hooghe painting shows a lot of Dutch national flags. I've seen previously that the suggestion just the Navy and marines carried the national flag. Does this picture say that maybe it was more widely used?

  3. That's a really good question. On the one hand the use of the tri-colour flag is a nice way to identify nations on a print. The dutch in a tri-colour one, the Spanish with a St-Andrews cross, and the French with Fleur de Lis. This could be an artist convention.

    I have a small picture of a painting of the the battle of Fleurus in 1690, in which all the dutch simply have orange flags.

    On the other hand de Hooghe sometimes shows more detailed flags but these are very difficult to identify. I think you can use the tri-colour flag, it has been used in battle for a 100 years anyways, but it will be difficult to link it to a specific regiment as they were payed by the Provinces and not by a national organisation.

    THe republic was a union of seven independent provinces, the only thing close to a national organisation was the Raad van State, which had indeed a great influence on military matters.


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