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Staat van Oorlog 1672

Drie Staten van Oorlog uit het jaar 1672, uit de collectie drs C.B. Nicolas. Staten van Oorlog waren de nogal gecompliceerde stukken met betrekking tot benoeming en betaling van officieren en de verdeling van de kosten over de verschillende provincies. Een heel mooi artikel over de staten van oorlog is gebubliceerd op de website van het Instituut voor Nederlandse geschiedenis, klik hier voor meer.

Op de Staat van Groningen vinden we in januari 1672 Osebrandt Johan Rengers, Frits van Nassau, Jonker Philips van der Wenge en Jonker Pieter Verrutius/Verruti/Verruci.


From the collection of Drs C.B. Nicolas, taken from the Dutch National Archive (ARA), three so called ' Staten van Oorlog', from the provinces of Guelders, Friesland and Groningen.

For the sovereign Seven Provinces, defense was of common and national interest. The Council of State had a prominent role in defence matters, and to make a very brief summary things worked like this: the Council, mandated by the all powerfull Estates-General proposed the States a list of troops and their payment, in provincial order. next, the Estates could either agree with the proposal and the lists were published and the provinces had to pay up. Unfortunatly this all sounds rather simple but there were a lot of legal, financial and political complications, which proved rather disasterful in 1672.

Anyway, these texts are a real gold mine for information as each officer is mentioned and his pay. Also the lists remained almost the same during the long lifespan of the Republic.

Of the Groningen list of interest are Frits (that's Dutch for Fritz) van Nassau (Georg Frederik Lodewijk van Nassau Siegen), Osebrandt Rengers, who was unlucky to be a friend of the de Witt family and was accused of treachery, Jonker (local gentry) van der Wenge and a member of the Verrutius family, who served as military in the States' army for several generations.

Also on the list 'traitor' Colonel Wigbold Broersma, who sied with the Bishop, but who's son died under Rabenhaupt in Germany.

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