vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Uniformen ~ Uniform Guide

Click here for a direct link to a uniform guide of the Dutch Army around 1672, from the collection of Gustaphe de Ridder, "based on originals". Unfortunatly I have never seen these originals, so some caution is advised.

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  1. Thank you for the above link - I haven't seen these before. Much appreciated.

    I've been working on the lineage of Dutch Regiments for the period 1568 - 1815 using a variety of sources. Interested to see that the above uniform guide includes a few Regiments that I have not come across before :

    Regiment von Arnheimb
    Regiment Prinz Moritz von Nassau
    Regiment von Styrum
    Regiment von Svilenstein

    I wonder whether you have any information on these Regiments ? Perhaps they were known by other titles.

    If it would be of interest, you would be very welcome to a copy of the information I've put together.

    Best wishes,



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