woensdag 22 mei 2013

Boeken ~ Books

Op de boekentafel:

- John Keegan, A History of Warfare
- Wargames Illustrated
- Meindert Schoor, De Friese Waterlinie
- Bruno Mugnai, L'esercito Imperiale
- W. Drenth, A regimental list of the reduced officers for the year 1699
- Rene de Cramer, Drapeaux etc
- Romeyn de Hooghe, de Verbeelding van de late Gouden Eeuw


Those are some of the books we are reading or have read right now.

The Keegan book... well opinions differ. Personally I am not a fan of Keegan at all.
The WI is kinda nice, contains a lot of nice stuff for wargamers and painters.
The book by Meindert Schroor is a very nice book on the Frisian Water defence line with some pics I haven't seen before and a lot of photographs of the present day situation.
Bruno Mugnai's books on the Cavalry of the Imperial army are a serious contender for the Osprey books. I will review them seperately, just like the book of Dr Wienand Drenth in the very near future.

The book edited by the Cramer tunred out to be a book of flemish flags especially designed for an international exhibit in 1913. Quite nice, but I expected something else.
The book on Romeyn de Hooghe contains a lot of illustrations of course, and a great text in Dutch. Also a lot of prints from the Royal Dutch Library are included.

More to follow!

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  1. I read Keegan's 'History of Warfare' many many moons ago, and, written from the soldier's perspective, I found it a pretty good read back then. Maybe it is considered a bit out-dated by today's standards. But hey, people are still citing Chandlers and blaming Dutch deputies :-)


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