dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Franse Legerorganisatie ~ French Order of Battle

Onze grote dank gaat uit naar Mr F. Coupeau (overigens auteur van een leuk bordspel over de slag bij Nieuwpoort 1600) voor de volgende sterkte-informatie over het Franse leger in de 17e eeuw.


A very, very big thanks goes out to Mr F. Coupeau (amongst many things the author of a boardgame on the Nieuport battle of 1600), who kindly offered some great offer on the company/bataillon strength of the French Army of the 17th century.

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  1. These informations come from "Histoire de l'infanterie" by Belhomme.

    The rows describe from left to right the French army strength in 1672 just before the start of the Dutch war:
    - Name of regiment
    - Nationality
    - Organisation
    - Number of companies in garrison
    - Theorical strength of a company
    - Total number of companies
    - Total number of soldiers

    Hope this will help :-)
    Florent Coupeau

  2. Nieuport 1600?? I didn't know this game and the cover looks amazing... I have to google it.

  3. Just click on the word boardgame above, it's a link to the French wargame magazine Vae Victis. The picture is a "schoolplate", these are large drawings that were used for primary schools for national history, biology and geography. Thre was also a small booklet with each plate for the teacher.

    You can find a sample here: http://www.schoolplatentekoop.nl/ Click on "geschiedenis" on the left, there are some more of the 80-years war as well.

  4. To give you an idea of the game, the English rules are available on the bonus section of the Vae victis website.
    You can also check boardgamegeek:

  5. Thank you, Rampjaar! As kind as always ^^.

    And thank you too, Mr. Coupeau. I've take and eye over rules and looks very, very good. I have some Vae Victis games, and I think yours will be the next one.


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