zondag 16 december 2012

Louis XIV

Toen enige jaren geleden Mark Copplestone met zijn 1672 figuren begon, was dat voor uw redacteuren een van de redenen met dit blog te starten. Mark heeft de figuren overgedaan aan North Star en daar werden nog meer figuren uitgebracht. Als klapstuk Lodewijk XIV himself! De website met nog meer figuren is hier...


Mark Copplestone's 1672 range (Glory of the Sun) of 28mm miniatures was one of the reasons to start this blog a few years ago. Mark's range has been taken over by North Star who have expanded the range and now have released the Man Himself, King Louis Quatorze on horseback. Check out North Star's website here..

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  1. What do you think of the sculpt? I've never seen Louis with a moustache before.

  2. A bit over the top indeed...didn't Louis have a 'stache in Le Roi Danse? I hink he had a tiny one in his younger years.

  3. If you want to spend some hours watching tv, there is a nice mini-series on Charles II (the Stuart, not the Habsburg). It follows him from his exile in the Spanish Netherlands in the 1650s to his death in 1685. Here you will see the change in hair dress over the years. At some point also the little moustache you mention. But the 'martiale knevel' of the figure is probably something for the 19th century.

  4. Louis Le Grand ALWAYS looks good, with or without a moustache, beard or hair!

  5. Whoever the man is meant to represent, he's definitely not Louis XIV. That's just ridiculous. Looks as if the sculptor had even adorned him with a goatee...Has he never seen e.g. the portraits by Le Brun which show the king as a young warlord?




    If the sculptor (apparently not Mark Copplestone) actually intended to make Louis XIV he has failed miserably. And if he (or anybody else) really insisted on calling that figure Louis XIV, he 'd just make a fool of himself.


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