maandag 5 november 2012

Grave Museum I

Wat afbeeldingen van Grave uit heden en verleden met wat foto's van maquettes in het museum in Het Graafs Museum. Het museum verkoopt ook boeken over lokale geschiedenis, en ook over de militaire geschiedenis van een van de meest belegerde steden van ons land.


Some pictures from our excursion to the fortress town of Grave, one of the most besieged towns of the Low Countries, which - as wel all know of course - was captured by the French in 1672 who made an exemplary effort to hold the town against Rabenhaupt and finally William III. Grave lies strategically near the Meuse River and guards one of the entrances to the Province of Guelders and the rest of the country.

Unfortunatly few is left of the fortress defenses but one of the town gates has been restored.

The Graafs Museum is small, but has some very nice models of the various castles and defences. The museum also sells books on local and local military history.

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