dinsdag 3 april 2012

Vaandels/Colours WIC update

Dankzij drs C. Nicolas en een familielid van hem uit Amerika, hebben wij nu de beschikking over kleurenafbeeldingen van het vaandelboek van de West-Indische Compagnie, waarover wij eerder hier schreven.

Vanzelfsprekend zullen wij over dit boek nog verder gaan schrijven, te meer omdat over de WIC steeds meer informatie beschikbaar komt zoals deze lijst van uitgezonden militairen naar Brazilië.

De wiki over de WIC is erg goed, net als de wiki over de Groningse kamer van de WIC.

Voor nog meer info over de Groninger kamer van de WIC verwijs ik naar het boek van Prof. P.J. van Winter, "De West-Indische Compagnie ter kamer Stad en Lande", Martinus Nijhof, den Haag 1978.


Thanks to lt-Col Nicolas and one of his relatives in the US, we have recieved a colour copy of a book, representing colours for troops in Brazil of the Dutch West Indies Company.

We have posted earlier on this book here . Our post deals with two articles of the great Frisian historian and flag expert Klaes Sierksma on an order book, found in New York dealing with new(?) colours for the WIC troops around 1631 in Brazil, at that time a dutch colony. In his article in Mars et Historia Sierksma further analyses the book, describing the colours of the three regiments of troops "blue", "orange" and "green", each consisting of 9 companies.

A lot of extra information in the article comes from the Groninger Professor P.J. van Winter, who wrote a book on the Groninger Chamber of the WIC. Unfortunatly I haven't found van Winter's notes yet, but there's a lot of information now in the National Archives on the WIC, including a list of soldiers sent to Brazil.

The colour above, is the one of the company paid by Groninger chamber of course.

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  1. Check out the link in my earlier post, http://www.marsethistoria.nl/pdf/Jaargang%2020/Mars-j20-n05.pdf
    It's a link to the dutch military magazine Mars et Historia, with the article on the colours on p. 31, with a description of the motto's and the possible links to the regiments sent to Brazil. The lighter colours are actually orange, and the higher officers have white colours, most of them very elaborate. In the left hand corner either the WIC logo or the weapon of the chamber that paid the company.

  2. Hello Rampjaar!

    Do you know any sources of dutch uniforms of 17th and 18th century(colonies too)? thx very much!

  3. Actually..yes..check out my blog with the tag "uniformen", it's a start..
    Then there's the Robert Hall CD's which you can buy at Militarymatters, the Pike and shot group or bacchus 6mm. I am sorry, there is no Osprey booklet on the dutch army.

  4. Big thanks for the info!

    By the way, do you know any dutch uniforms of WIC and VOC in colonies of 17th and 18th centuries?


  5. From what I saw of the WIC, they followed dutch fashion in the colonies. I suggest you check the www.rijksmuseum.nl on-line catalogue for pictures and prints of Dutch Brazil.

    The VOC is another matter, they also followed european/dutch fashion. I only know of one plate, but I haven't researched the VOC intesively. Try these people: http://vocwarfare.net/ or check out the online picture catalogue of the dutch army museum.


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