maandag 28 november 2011

Uniformen 1690 ~ Uniforms

Een plaatje van het legermuseum uit een serie uniformtekeingen gemaakt door Dr De Wilde, gebaseerd op uitvoergegevens van stof.
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On the site of the dutch army museum a series of 42 plates is reproduced made by Dr de Wilde on uniforms of the 1690 period. The info is based on several sources, but mainly on ducuments regarding the export of cloth to the troops to other countries or provinces. (All export had to be taxed and documented of course!)

From these documentents and the general look of a uniform it could be deduced which particular clots was used for what. (Most of the cloth was used for the coat, and a smaller portion for cuffs and the like.)

The above pic shows the dutch guards, this time in a blue/yellow uniform and this picture is based on a picture that was sadly destroyed in 1944.

More pictures here.

donderdag 17 november 2011

Uniform Stadhouderlijk Regiment Friesland 1678

Uit Olaf van Nimwegen's boek "Deser landen Crijchsvolck" nog wat leuke informatie over uniformen in het algemeen en het uniform van het Friese regiment Nassau Friesland: een blauw uniform met rode opslagen en rode kousen, althans in 1678. Uit Belaubre weten we dat dit ook in 1690 was.


Some nice info about uniforms in general and the uniform of the Frisian Naussau regiment, taken from Dr Olaf van Nimwegen's book, The Dutch Army and the Military Revolutions. According to Belaubre and de Wilde, blue was also used in a later period.

Spaanse vaandels - Spanish colours 1600 II

En nog een schilderij van de grote zaal, ditmaal een van Hendrik Pothoven uit 1779. Op de achtergrond enige tropheeen uit de Spaanse Successieoorlog.


Another painting of the Great Hall of the Binnenhof, the Hague, by painter Hendrik Pothoven from the year 1779. In the background the trophies of the War of the Spanish Succession. It is very likely that these were destroyed when the French took over in the Napoleonic period, fortunatly these trophies were described in several booklets and pamphlets, which can be found at the site of the Rijksmuseum. The picture is ten from the history website "Geheugen van Nederland".

Spaanse Vaandels ~ Spanish Colours 1600

Dit is een schilderij van de vergaderzaal van de Staten-Generaal van Dirck van Delen, gemaakt in de periode 1651-1671, waarin veroverde Spaanse vaandels te zien zijn. Let op de zeer slechte staat van de overigens uitermate fraaie vaandels.


This is a rather famous painting by dutch painter Dirck van Delen, made in the period 1651-1671, showing the great hall in the Binnenhof, the Hague, where the States General convened.

Above you can see various Spanish colours, captured in the 80 years war. Note the terrible state they are in (I don't think there's a colour left from this collection), but you can admire their beauty.

maandag 14 november 2011

Frans Vaandel Seneffe II, French captured colour II

Nog een versie van het Franse (Leger?) vaandel, wederom van het Rijksmuseum.


A second version of the French (Army?) colour, captured by the allies at Seneffe. This white colour with gold embroidery was taken to a church in Brussels for display.