donderdag 17 november 2011

Spaanse Vaandels ~ Spanish Colours 1600

Dit is een schilderij van de vergaderzaal van de Staten-Generaal van Dirck van Delen, gemaakt in de periode 1651-1671, waarin veroverde Spaanse vaandels te zien zijn. Let op de zeer slechte staat van de overigens uitermate fraaie vaandels.


This is a rather famous painting by dutch painter Dirck van Delen, made in the period 1651-1671, showing the great hall in the Binnenhof, the Hague, where the States General convened.

Above you can see various Spanish colours, captured in the 80 years war. Note the terrible state they are in (I don't think there's a colour left from this collection), but you can admire their beauty.

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  1. Judging from contemporary paintings, a battlefield should have been a spectacular view with all the banners, uniforms and other bling. Well, prior to a battle of course, and these paintings may have romanticized things to improve sales probably.

  2. Flags and colours had a function of course, and paintings like these are a great resource for research. IIRC Sierksma has made a reference to a painting on the 80 years war that had at least 50 colours and standards on it,(though it would be nice if he gave some reference to the painting!

    Also have a look at the works of Sebastiaan Francx, who systematically gives the bad guys orange shashes and flags..

  3. I just looked at some of Francx works. Judging from his bio he was from the Catholic parts. That may explain the orange? (As parallel to today, in many Hollywood movies the bad guys tend to have a German, Russian or British accent.)

  4. I think the picture you refer to Rampjaar, is that in the Alkmaar museum, which depicts the siege of Alkmaar.


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