donderdag 3 maart 2011



"God Save Catalonia" in English!

I'm persuaded that few people would give any credit from a very start to the assertion that, during the War of Spanish Succession, English/British Infantry in the Peninsula might have been uniformed in a colour different to red. More specifically, in blue. However, as unlikely as you might judge it, this is precisely one of the most striking results obtained by recent investigations of a group of researchers, under the DIDPATRI label of Barcelona University, on the English/British military intervention in the Iberian Peninsula and the Principality of Catalonia.

International fans will be glad to be acknowledged that this book, which was originally published in Catalan language as a 144 pages paperback booklet, has just been released in English version --which shares the former one's very same format and illustrations, except for that it has been digitally published --and can be obtained for free!. English version of God Save Catalonia! can be found this location of the website.

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